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Why Choose Us?
We're Multidiscipline

It's unique in the cold storage industry to offer thermal construction and refrigeration in one package. SubZero recognized this and it has catapulted us into position as one of the nation's top specialty contractors.

We're Competitive

As one of the nation's largest specialty sub-contractors we have the buying power to procure equipment and materials at the most competitive rates, ensuring our pricing is competitive and our value is unsurpassed.

We're Team Oriented

Often the biggest challenge faced in construction is how to get all of the trades working toward the same goal. Our professionals strive to understand our clients' needs and provide timely and expansive coordination, anticipating supporting trades' needs as they relate to completing projects efficiently.

We're Part of the Solution

There is no time for hindsight in the construction process. To deliver projects on time and on budget requires quick and accurate focus on solutions when problems arise. How a company responds to the unexpected is key... and we're a proven provider of solutions.

We're Committed to Success

We are a company that can handle small and large projects, though in reality it's not strictly the size of a company that matters, it's the size of a company's commitment. Continually answering the question "What's best for our client?" drives our commitment to your success.

We Deliver Results

A project means more than a paycheck. It's about speed, quality, and economy - not simply choosing any two of those three. It takes a very talented and diverse team to achieve all three of these goals on a single project.

We're Experienced

In addition to the experience one might expect of a construction company, our professionals serve on the committees and boards of national and international associations to further enhance our knowledge of the markets we serve, and keep us up-to-date with the most recent trends, technologies and developments in our industry.