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A Very Hot Lunch
November 2013 - SubZero helps CCSD make hot lunches “cool” again

Clark County School District enlisted SubZero to construct renovations to their 370,000sf Central Kitchen and Food Service Cold Storage Warehouse that has over 75,000sf of freezer and cold storage spaces. The kitchen packages more than 60,000 meals a day for elementary and secondary schools for the Clark County Shool District which includes Las Vegas, Laughlin, Mesquite, Indian Springs, Henderson and many more cities.

"Didn't get a chance to see or talk to you before the conclusion of the project. So, thought I would write you a quick message to say thank you for a job well done. I also wanted to express my gratitude for Peter Barron and Rick Walker. I really appreciated their hard work and dedication to the project. Their experience and knowledge is very evident and because of this all work progressed smoothly and on schedule despite some difficulties. Please express my thanks and gratitude to them for all their efforts.” said Mario Saenz, Facilities Manager, CCSD.

The history of the Clark County School District food serving programs dates back to the 1960's. Most students, especially elementary students, walked to and from school, and as a result, they also walked home for lunch. Beginning in the late 1960's students were transported by bus to their home school, and were unable to go home for lunch due to the distance Clark County School District opened its new central kitchen and warehouse opened in the Northeast section of the valley in July 2008. Today, the central kitchen, in addition to preparing up to 20,000 cinnamon rolls each day for all schools, packages more than 60,000 meals a day for the satellite elementary program and prepares food for bulk delivery to the secondary and dish-up schools.